I Am Special, You Are Special

This post was written by T2.  Her homework assignment was to brainstorm and write a rough draft about being special. As a mom, I wonder if what I tell my children hits home with them or if it goes in one ear and out the other. She shared it with and once I read it, my heart swelled. I’m sharing it here with her permission because we believe it just may help someone else. Enjoy!

Do you ever wonder what’s the point of being special? Well I do. I’ve found that being special doesn’t mean you’ve done something. It means that you’re a unique individual. But sometimes, I don’t think I’m special anymore.

One thing you need to know is that being special doesn’t mean you’re all that. So you shouldn’t be bragging about being special because you wouldn’t want someone to do it to you. If you know your special, then your special. ‘That’s the only approval you need. Well, and God’s.

I recognize that I’m special because a know my purpose on earth. My purpose on earth is to praise the Lord, sing, and get an education. I also think that if I didn’t try to live up to my purpose, I wouldn’t be useful to this earth.

And to think, I was 35 before I began the process to explore my purpose and acknowledge that I was special.  From the heart of my 4th grader to yours, you are special!



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