I Heart Girl Groups

This week, the Three Amigos and I had the opportunity to share our love of popular music. I must admit, when T1 told me she had a song she wanted me to hear, I was a little concerned. I love the fact that they love music, but that particularly evening, I was not in the mood for loud, head-banging, I-want-to-be-out-dancing music. And typically, anytime they are talking about popular music, that’s what they are referring to.

To my surprise, they were listening to music I actually liked! You see friends, I consider the 80s and 90s to be the decades that shaped my life the most. If a song was popular during my college years, I will turn it up loudly and typically replay the days gone by of carefree, fun living and loving — not marred by the real life of being an adult.

In was in the early 1990’s that I discovered my favorite R&B groups are girl groups…Wilson Phillips, Salt-n-Pepa, TLC, Escape, SWV, and En Vogue. (Just to name a few.) And during that one night with the Littles, I learned about some new ones and promptly added them to my playlist. Now I’m here to share so you can be hip and cool and because I don’t know if you’ve heard of these groups. The kids assured me they are new groups, and I wasn’t that behind on the times. I don’t feel bad about just learning about them because Tita didn’t even know who they were…and I run things like this by her usually.

While I still love R&B music, I  have evolved to enjoy a genre I like to call, “Girl Power.”  Girl Power songs can be R&B songs, but they can also include Neo-Soul, Indie, Rock, and Pop. Girl Power music is more about the lyrics than the beat, which I think is probably typical of a 40-year-old mom to say. According to T1 anyway.

So who are my new favorite groups you ask? I’ve got three. Check them out on the internet when you get a chance. They are “Little Mix,” “The Saturdays,” (who couldn’t love a group with that name?), and Lylas (the amigos said that these girls are the sisters of Bruno Mars…again, who couldn’t love them if their brother wrote a song about being lazy all day!) Anyway, these ladies sing a lot about who I am, and what I hope for in my daughters…and that leaves me with a good feeling. One that makes me sigh and say, “I heart girl groups.”

Do you like girl groups? Who are your favorites?

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