App Review: Natural Med Dr

doctorclipartI live with three hypochrondriacs. To make matters worse, I think I am a medical professional. I know just enough medical knowledge (with no professional training) to be dangerous. Except I don’t think I’m being dangerous…I think I’m being medical. Yep. I really do. I even have the apps to prove it.

Yes my friends, you did read that correctly. I have medical apps to prove it. I use the medical apps regularly and usually, Dr. Mom is correct. The Three Amigos have even started using the apps themselves, which is good so they can look up their symptoms. Unfortunately though, the apps we have historically used also give suggestions for medicine to cure the issue. Medicine is good, but children taking medicine unsupervised is not so good. Especially because my children in particular are working on their sense of time. (Right now they have none). Timing is important when taking medicine. To them 5 minutes is five hours, and they won’t check the clock for accuracy. So…I have to supervise their app usage. And in my supervision, I’ve noticed one thing.

My children want to take medicine for everything.

“Mom, I have a paper cut. Can I take some ibruprofen?”

“Mom, I have heartburn. I need the doctor to prescribe antibiotics.”

“Mom, a mosquito bit me. Do we have any benadryl?”

You get the picture, right? That made me embrace one concept as a mom, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I needed to start teaching my children that there are natural ways to take care of their bodies through nutrition and vitamins.

And you know what? There’s an app for that!

The NaturalMedDr app is available for Android and iPhone.  The app features thousands of searchable vitamins, minerals, symptoms and disorders, and provides an easy guide to using vitamins and minerals, natural food sources and recommended dosages. Sourced by the research of medical professionals, the app also examines the positive and negative of each vitamin and mineral. (Source:

We used the app non-stop last weekend and tested its limits. The most helpful thing about the app for the kids was they were able to take the app into the grocery store and determine the best foods we should buy. Indigestion problems? Acidophilus. Eczema? Vitamin E. And the list continues…without me feeling like my kids are depending on “meds” to get them through the day. And go figure…we’re even starting to eat foods for their intended purpose of nourishing and medicating our bodies.

Currently, I have the app on two of my iOS devices. I have not downloaded the Android version on my phone, but I probably will soon. It’s a great app with a lot of good information…and anything that can educate my kids on health and wellness…especially as an app, get’s a thumbs up in my book!

Are you interested in trying the Natural Med Dr. App?

3 thoughts on “App Review: Natural Med Dr

  1. Damn iPhone sent that comment that I clearly wasn’t finished writing!

    I used to be all antibiotic, give me meds. Six years ago when I met The Heartbreaker and he was all into natural cures, I was skeptical. Then, one day I felt nauseous out of nowhere and he told me to calm down while throwing something I think he said was silver down my throat. My nausea immediately stopped and I was a believer.

    Now I can’t stand commercial meds. The only prescription I will fill is the one for my eye drops. Try to give me an antibiotic and I will laugh in your face.

    I also hate OTC meds like those for colds or headaches. I just don’t buy into the hype.

    So, yes. I am downloading the app as we speak and fully believe in what it provides.

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