When The Three Amigos were babies and toddlers, it was very easy to find them doing cute things! These days in the Tween World, it’s more of a challenge. One outcome of the Pause Before You Pounce challenge I did last week is that I am now looking for the cuteness in my kids.

Ummm…I fully realize that they probably do not want to be considered cute…but it’s my blog. So I plan to catch them in moments of cuteness with a photo…and of course I will post it here.

Now, this is a challenge so-to-speak, but I’m not putting a time frame on it. Instead, I am promising myself and all of you that I’m committed to finding the cuteness in my everyday life…with tweens.

Here we go!


When I saw him dressed for school, I couldn’t get enough of this photo. Mainly because he works so hard on his “style.” The main cuteness here was the fact that those are not real glasses. They are movie 3-D glasses that he removed the lenses from. He says style, I say cute!

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