Summer Organization Project: My In-Box(es)

Hello. My name is Toni and I have a lot of email addresses.

I have so many email addresses that the Three Amigos don’t need their own email addresses. They each actually use one of mine. Because I have several. Like 10…I think. Matter of fact, I asked Cheryl  last week how many she had and she didn’t respond. She just kind of looked at me with that “We both love technology and have adult  A.D.D., so there’s no need for me to answer” look. So, I think she has a lot too.

So, why do I need more than 2 (the basic one for work and one for home)? The answer is simple. I don’t need more than two! At all. I want more than 2. And now, I don’t know what to do with them.

And the reason I am keeping them is because I think I’m supposed to do something with them. All of them. So that’s what I’m going to figure this week. Why I have them, and if it’s a good reason, then I’ll keep them. If not, I’ll delete them. And just so I don’t convince myself of the good reason, I have to put that reason into effect right away.

But for now, I’m taking a poll. After all it’s only Tuesday and the end of the week is not until Saturday. How many email addresses do you have? If you have more than two email addresses, how do you use them?

One thought on “Summer Organization Project: My In-Box(es)

  1. Now that you’ve asked, I’m not sure! I thought 4 plus the 2 my kids have….but, I think it’s more like 5 or 6. Not sure why I have them all. I would like to get more organized with them…one for personal stuff, one for work, one for any groups/boards I’m part of, one to use every time I register at a site, one for coupons, newsletters, etc….wonder if I’ll ever get this done???

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