I Hate Scarves

It’s official. Scarves in summer do not work for me. I don’t care if I just had thyroid surgery. And I definitely don’t care if they are stylish.

Ya’ll remember when T1 was trying to get me to embrace jingly scarves, right? Well friends, it didn’t happen. I couldn’t get past the “Jiggle All The Way” feeling I had when I walked around the house. So I scoured the fashion blogs to see what I could come up with.

No one is writing about scarves this summer. Ya’ think?

So I googled, cool scarves for women, and here’s what I found:

patriotic scarf

I really like this one. And no, I wouldn’t be wearing it as a bandeau. However, because it’s the flag I’m wondering if there’s some sort of official flag protocol about this.

purple scarf

This one is beautiful. But I feel like the colors are for fall. I’m wearing a lot of brights this summer, and this wouldn’t go with a thing.


Oops…I forgot I was looking at neck scarves, not head scarves. But it is nice.


Really? I think not.

What do you think? Should I be embracing scarves this summer?

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