Dessert Makers

The Three Amigos love to help me in the kitchen. All of them. Our kitchen isn’t that big, so sometimes they have to take turns. They don’t like that part.

All month long, I’ve been plagued by emails and articles and blogs featuring desserts. Summer fun desserts. Cool off from summer heat with this dessert. Take this dessert to your next summer gathering. Lots of dessert.

And then I found one I couldn’t resist. (It didn’t take long for that to happen.) All of us were ready to try our hands at it.

Except it’s for a trifle. And all the trifle recipes I’ve seen have pudding in them.  I wasn’t feeling like having a pudding dessert. But I wanted a trifle. So I Googled “Banana-free trifle.” And wouldn’t you know, I found one we could make.

Because I was trying to be a little health conscious, we used strawberries, blueberries, and angel food cake. Oh! And the whipped topping was low-fat. It’s the best I could do…these things are generally just not on the healthy side.

I used blue frosting and mixed it with the whipped topping, then I used more whipped frosting. And of course, what is a dessert without sprinkles? So we had to add sprinkles. And it was oh so good.

So tell me, what summer desserts have you tried this summer?

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