Summer Media Moguls

One mom uses talk radio to teach her kids this summer.This summer, the Littles have been working on a big project. It’s big. It touches on all subjects in school that we should be reviewing throughout the summer, but I don’t have to stand up in front of them and make them do worksheets. They have their own radio show!


Internet radio is big…and relatively inexpensive. Each week, they have business/ production meetings where they develop topics for show segments. They research those topics by reading magazines, checking the internet, and watching the news. If they have a special guest, they must have developed their interview questions. On Thursday, I review everything with them and we refine our goals. By Friday, all research and scripts must be complete so we can be ready for Sunday.

I’m their Executive Producer (because I pay for the studio time) and their Momager (because they’re convinced they are going to “blow up” from this experience).

Blow up. Right.

Sometimes it is frustrating. Sometimes they don’t do their research…and oh…sometimes I’ve had to threaten to announce on air that they didn’t do their chores properly. 🙂

But for the most part, I’ve enjoyed watching them participate in a project like this. They’ve learned public speaking, current events, social studies, research skills, news reporting, and math. They’ve even done book reviews, which was my sneaky, yet brilliant way of getting them to read more.

2013-06-23 12.39.53 2013-06-23 12.41.44

And who knows, they just might blow up.

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