Flash Mob Momma

a mom can check off one item on her bucket list
This past weekend was amazing! Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas hosts it’s annual women’s conference, Desperate for Jesus once a year and it is awesome. It’s one day of full-fledged music and church and women’s issues and honesty and Godliness all rolled into one. No judging. No cattiness. No drama. Just women who want to strengthen their walks with the Lord.

I first attended DFJ two years ago and it was awesome. For some reason, I couldn’t go last year, but I knew I had to be there this year. Two years ago, Lisa Whelchel was one of the speakers. She did not disappoint.

Yes. That Lisa Whelchel. I will pause while you take a moment to mentally travel in time back to the 80s and remember Friday nights when The Facts of Life used to come on television. And if you haven’t heard, she’s nothing like her character Blair. Well, she’s originally from Texas and Blair was from Texas, but that’s it.

And that’s how the Desperate for Jesus conference is. It gets better and better each year.

In case you know me in real life and you’re wondering about the Lisa Whelchel thing and you just can’t move past it because you know me just that well. I DID NOT STALK HER. I did wait patiently in line and took a photo with her. If you don’t know me in person, I am not a stalker. I have friends who laugh and tease in jest. Right. That’s a blog post for another day. We are supposed to be talking about Jesus right now.

So this year, as I registered to attend the conference, I heard about a flash mob that was in the works. And then I found out they needed volunteers to dance. And I don’t know if you’ve checked my bucket list lately, but sure enough, participate in a flash mob was one of them. Oh…and participation in the flash mob was going to allow me to dance alongside one of my favorite authors. Don’t bring up the stalking thing…remember, a blog post for another day.

I knew my participation was going to be a challenge. My thyroid surgery was 6 weeks before the event. I had no idea if I’d have enough energy to do this. But it was for Jesus and I knew he wanted me to do this. So I convinced myself that the flash mob wouldn’t be too tiring. I told myself that we would be dancing very rhythmically to some sweet, flowing music praising the Lord by Yolanda Adams.

Oh friends, why do I underestimate things sometimes?

We practiced once a week for three weeks leading up to the conference. The last week, we practiced twice. After the first practice, I was sore for three days. Yes friends. I had to use the Hydrocodone that I had from my surgery to recover from flash mob soreness.

Just think, I had an incredibly funny story to tell about dance rehearsals and pain and I couldn’t blog about it and put it in social media. How stressful.

The Three Amigos attended two practices and they were scared for me. Well, they were really scared for themselves because they thought I would embarrass them. While we don’t attend that church regularly, T1 has a lot of friends from school who go there. She was afraid that someone would recognize me during the flash mob as her momma. They also have issues with the whole stalking thing with the author. NO I AM NOT A STALKER. Remember, blog post for another day.

During the last week of practice, we found out that the pastor of the church requested us to perform the dance during both church services on Sunday. Our flash mob now had a weekend run!

Friends, this was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I’ve joked about dancing backup to Beyonce before, but I really thought that’s what I was doing up there. And to see the congregation stand to their feet like they did was amazing. I had the best time ever. And the Littles were proud. Very proud. And so was this Flash Mob Momma who checked off something on the bucket list.

So here it is…the official Flash Mob for Jesus video. And if your viewing experience is enhanced by knowing where I am…I’m in the front row on the left side with faded, torn jeans on. Yes, I wore faded, torn jeans to church. It was that kind of party. Oh, and the photo above…it was taken at home after the second service on Sunday…post Spanx.


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