I Think You Should Live in the Cloud

cloudThis post reflects all things techie with me. It’s August and we need to get organized and be ready for the school year. Yep. And I want you to be free this school year.

Free from what you might ask?

Free from paper calendars. Free from usb drives. And free from emailing files to yourself.

Just free.

So I’m inviting you to take my hand and go on a journey with me. To the Cloud.

Let’s go live in the cloud. The internet storage cloud.

I promise, if you go there you won’t want to come back. I moved there last summer and have enjoyed it for the past year. It’s actually what makes me able to to live in an Apple and Android world. A world where these two competitors co-exist peacefully. At least in my house they do.

On our journey to the cloud, we will talk about things like Dropbox, Google Drive and Sky Drive. Then, we’ll talk about cools tips for social networking, and creative options in the cloud. And you know what? I will have back-to-school prizes for my friends who move there with me.

Yes. We will play games, have contests, and leave this experiment with prizes. Techie prizes. Cool prizes. I can hardly stand it myself!

So if you’d like to join me in the cloud…or at least try (I can do baby steps), then post a comment here saying “I’m in” or send me a quick email to toni [at] toniwilliams [dot] org. I have to spell all of that out because hackers could infiltrate and send me crazy messages. We don’t do crazy in the cloud.

The deadline to join me in this venture is Thursday, August 15. It’s free, it’s informative, and it will help make you a more productive person. Come join me!

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