Kingdom Women Aren’t Phone Snobs

Part of being a Kingdom Woman means that I will be honest about my shortcomings. Phone snobbery is one of them. Don’t judge please, just listen.

Last fall I bought a fancy cell phone. It had all the bells and whistles. My students in class even helped me make my decision. We were doing an exercise in decision-making and the wise choice process. And in the end, we picked out my new phone.

This would probably be a good time to mention that I didn’t need a new phone last fall. I just wanted one. Mmmmhmmm. And once the class and I decided what phone I should get, my student who works at the phone store brought me a phone case that her manager gave her once he heard the story about the wise choice process I was teaching to our future. He too was impressed with my feeling of fanciness.

I’ve enjoyed the fancy phone, but I really don’t use it to full capacity. Matter of fact, it kinda has all of the same stuff that my iPad and all the other devices I own have. But I really liked the way I felt when I’d read reviews about the phone and see blogs on the internet that said my phone was the best of the best.

And when my teen cousins saw it last Christmas they thought I was cool. Like really cool. And that’s important you know.

And a couple of weeks ago, my phone was stolen. Not lost, but stolen. And it made me sick to my stomach Because it was fancy. And it was a big investment last year…and I liked it.

Only, this time I didn’t have the money I used last year to purchase the phone from teaching two extra classes. I just had a regular salary. One that I am sure you will laugh at if I told you, but I still had my fancy phone nonetheless. So when I needed to replace it, I was looking on a budget.

Because of course, I didn’t have phone insurance. Because phone insurance is for people who don’t take care of their stuff properly. And leaving your phone in the car to charge overnight during a power outtage is taking care of your stuff, right?

Yep. Lesson learned. And in case you’re wondering, I do see the all of the biblical lessons here just screaming at me.

So I poured my heart out to the cell phone salesgirl and she assured me that she had something for me! It was her idea of fancy, not mine. Because I told her I was not spending more than$150 on a cell phone. (Remember, no judging). My stolen phone was going to be missed, and I had come to the realization that I would not have anything near as fancy….maybe something that just had a few things I needed like talk, text, and email. Sigh.

The almost-teen boy in the house was thrilled. He thought my having to buy a phone early put him one step closer to a cell phone. There is talk around these parts that he may get a phone when he turns 13. Visions of 2 for 1 deals danced in his head…and that was of no interest to me.

So I settled on a phone. And it’s an Android based smartphone. And it has some really cool features that my fancy phone didn’t. But I still wanted my phone. It just didn’t make sense to me, until I realized that God had spoken. My time with that fancy phone was over. I couldn’t and shouldn’t be lamenting over the various brands of phone fanciness anymore. It was done.

And you know what? Albeit cheaper with more features, it’s also lightweight and probably a much better phone for me. And since I don’t have the fancy phone anymore, I realized I don’t need the extra add-ons so my monthly bill is now cheaper. Even with the insurance. Right, I caught the message and got the insurance this time.

So I had a little issue with cell phone idolatry. And I talked to God about it. Cause that’s what Kingdom Women do. If we have an issue, we are able to acknowledge it and talk to God about it and move forward. Those things are critical to moving forward. Really critical.

And I re-read some chapters in Kingdom Woman and other books that would be relevant here. And most importantly I prayed about my situation. I asked God for forgiveness on this little idolatry issue and then asked how I can help others with my story. The answer was simple, share it.


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