Crocktober With the Moms of the Best Southwest

Today I am posting over at the Best Southwest Moms Blog. Ummm…I realize that’s a little silly to say, considering I’m the Co-Founder and Editorial Director of that blog. Some of you Texans knew that, but for those who didn’t, I thought I’d sound official. The truth is though, any given day I’m posting over there.

Next month, we are doing a challenge called Crocktober. We are cooking as many meals as we can in our crock pots. Then we’re taking photos, sharing recipes, and blogging about it. I’m pretty excited…but I want you to know that you don’t have to be in Texas to do this. Anyone can crock anywhere in the world.

So click here to read my post, then use the next two weeks to get ready. Let’s go crocking together!

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