It’s All About the Skinny Jeans

Oh Skinny Jeans…how I love thee. Let me count the ways:

1. You give me the confidence I haven’t had in a while because feel sexy when I wear you.

2. When I wear you, I don’t want to half-step on any parts of my outfit. I make sure I wear things that compliment you perfectly…all the way up to my hair and down to my shoes.

3. You’ve help me embrace colors in my wardrobe…from plum to white to hot pink.

4. You’ve confirmed what I know to be true for many outfits…success is rested on a firm foundation!

5. You come in all shapes and sizes so all of my sisters can enjoy your goodness.

6. Somehow when I wear you to work, I’m more productive. I think because of the sexy. Being productive adds to the sexy.

7. My children always, always gasp when I emerge in an outfit with skinny jeans. The shock is their eyes is priceless when one of them exclaims, “Wow Mom, you look really good today.”

8. You help me enjoy my 40’s so much more. We didn’t have skinny jeans when I was in my 20’s.

9. When I buy the right size, you are so comfortable. Even my weekend skinny jeans with the rips and tears.

10. You are affordable. I realize there are some really expensive skinny jeans out there, but the variety of inexpensive to expensive is vast. I can stock up and not feel guilty at all.

My fall skinny jean fashion inspiration -- Zoe Saldana.

My fall skinny jean fashion inspiration — Zoe Saldana.

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