Beware: Your Children Will Stalk You on Facebook

Help! Click here to see how my kids stalk me on Facebook.We’ve made it. The boy is officially 13! And there’s so much that happens with this rite of passage in life, but today I want to share with you my thoughts on one…just one.

He stalks me on Facebook.

I kind of thought it would be the other way around. But it’s not. He stalks me. He peruses my photos so he can make them his own. And he reviews my friends.

Oh…and the big one…he looks at all of the links I share (including this blog) and he reports. He tells his sisters everything. He even adds vocal inflections and physical animation to it. (Where did he get such antics from?)

And then, he shows the girls right from his Facebook page.

And they laugh. LOUDLY.

My post last week about the skinny jeans? I think I took them a bit too fast with that one.

And even though he has a Facebook page, he’s also been known to hijack mine. He will post random status updates (as me of course) and say, “Your page has been hijacked….hahaha.”


Hijacked by a 13-year-old. On social media.

Do you and your teens have rules of engagement for social media?

One thought on “Beware: Your Children Will Stalk You on Facebook

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