Posting 31 Days?

I tried. I really did. It just didn’t work.

Life got in the way.

I was good about planning my blog calendar in October so I had posts already written and ready to go. I sat down about thought about how I could incorporate new material into the monthly theme. I scheduled time to write, and blog, and post.

Because it was going to be systematic.

A 31-day blogging machine. That’s what I going to be.

And I was blogging about smiling…and finding joy….and laughter.

I did know that things would happen that I wouldn’t want to smile or write about. I did know that I wasn’t going to be happy everyday.

But I was going to seek to find joy in it all. A systematic approach to joy.

Ummmm, yeah.

I’m thinking that instead of systematic, I should have worked on authentic.

And part of being authentic would mean that some days I just wasn’t feeling it.

No writing. No processing. No seeking (or finding) joy.

And I’m totally okay with that.

Except a lot of people enjoyed reading my 31 days of smiles series…and on October 14 it came to an abrupt halt.

So for that, I want to apologize.

But I can promise that if you keep reading, and keep subscribing this month (and every month to follow for that matter), you will get authenticity.

Maybe not 30 days worth…but at least 3-5 times per week.

Unless crap happens. Which is totally possible. And in that case, I’ll process and write as we progress through the month.

So here’s to authenticity, and gratitude, and anything else I want to write about this month.

Even if I write about listening to Christmas music this early. Don’t judge…it makes me authentically happy. 🙂

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