That’s fancy text language for “What Would You Do?” In this case, though it’s more how would you respond? Especially when you have one teenagers and two tweenagers asking you these questions. Feel free to chime in and comment.

1. “Mom! My sister just said that Queen Latifah was a rapper. Tell her to stop lying!”

2. “What is a milf?” “Mom, did you hear me, what is a milf?”

3. “Maybe you should consider being a cougar. You know…it worked for Gabrielle Union.” “Stop laughing Mom, I’m serious.”

4. “I figured out the name of the epilepsy blog; see if you can get this domain name….Epilepsy is a Mutha — Shut Your Mouth!”

5. “I know that you really like John Legend, but he seems really happy with his new wife. I don’t think he’s gonna wait around for you, Mom.”

6. “O-M-G! I have so many followers on Instagram and it can be stressful managing this. To make my life easier, do you think, Mom, that you and your friends could stop following me?”

And I could continue, but I’m gonna choose to stop here. All comments are welcome!


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