A Month of Thanks

It’s November y’all. And so much happens in November, as it should. We all know about the turkeys, the pies, the early start to holiday shopping, but this November was different for me.

I was forced to give thanks all month long. For the little things. Because on some days, that was all I had.

As you know, the seizures came back in October. We’ve established that. We visited the doctors, we took the tests, and we started the medicine. November brought on a new set of challenges….it began with the seizures increasing despite our efforts.

And one Saturday night early in the month, they became out of control.

The days to follow included four days in the hospital with not a lot of answers. It brought fear and sadness for his sisters, who were two small 10 years ago to remember what uncontrollable seizures can do. It brought two grandparents to Dallas from Chicago in shock that their eldest grandchild wasn’t doing well. And it had this mama experiencing emotions that I never felt before about a whole bunch of stuff.

But the most important emotion was that of gratitude. For friends, for family, and for my incredible son’s sweet spirit.

And I do plan to blog about it all…because there are so many bloggable stories in all of it. But for right now, I’m choosing to just be thankful for the heartwarming things that are happening this week.

My friend Cathy loves Thanksgiving and enjoys spending the whole week cooking. She posted on Facebook yesterday that she made something like 5 pies and 4 cakes in one day alone…who does that? She does, and she does with an extraordinary amount of love.

We think we figured out the trigger for the seizures and it can be controlled. The boy is doing much, much better. He even was able to return to school last week.

My house is clean. Y’all knew when I mentioned the grandparents that was coming right? This is a blog post all on its own….

So today and tomorrow, it’s just about thankfulness. I’ll  resume with my antics and quick-witted verbiage next week. But I do have a little something for this week. I’ve been blogging at the Best Southwest Moms Blog about making healthy eating choices on Thanksgiving, and surviving Black Friday shopping. If you want to see my posts, check here, here, or here.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


One thought on “A Month of Thanks

  1. Hey,I was mentioned in the blog!!! Yay!!! Lol!!!! 😉 no healthy eating this Thanksgiving….the next day we will get back on it!!!

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