The New Fashion Trends

I have to share this. I just have to. And I’m so willing to accept the consequences. When this post hits Facebook, it’s all over. Because they stalk me. And they read this blog, to see if I’m going to write about them.

And since I do write about them, this will be no exception. If you have tweens and teens, please let me know if your kids do this. And if they don’t, break it easy to me…because well you know, I need to know if this kind of silliness goes on in houses other than my own.

Shorts over leggings.

I know that this has a place in our society, I’m just not sure where. That is, outside of working out for fitness reasons. I see runners do it, and I’m okay with that. But there are people who do it for the sake of fashion. Why?

Leg Warmers. Again.

For some reason, my mother kept all of my of leg warmers from the 80’s. And then she brought them to me this fall. Now the girls love them. But don’t they always match their outfits. And my memory fails me when I think about whether or not I matched when I wore them. Either way, I’m not sure 30 year old leg warmers have a place.

Light jackets during winter.

I don’t care if it is not cool or stylish, but it is cold outside. WEAR A COAT. As I write this, I can hear my mother saying it to me. I’m not sure why I never wanted to wear a coat, but I know that I didn’t…and my mom used to fuss about it. And now, so do I.

Layers of basketball shorts underneath sweatpants, jeans, or anything.

The boy does this and I don’t understand it. He will wear at least two pair of basketball shorts under his pants. Why?

Accessories made out of duct tape.

We have bracelets, backpacks, make up bags, pencil cases, flip flops, and purses. I didn’t realize duct tape was so popular, and that it came in a variety colors and textures. I have to admit that I have worn a few of the afore-mentioned items to show my support of their latest craft endeavors, but some of it is a bit over the top for me. Especially the shoes. I can’t get past the duct tape shoes.

Okay friends, be honest…what are your kids wearing?

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