A Tale of Two Cities

Two cities that have my heart are Chicago and Dallas. I know that Chicago is unbearable in the winter and Dallas is unbearable in the summer, but I love them both. My friend Kendra lives in the Chicago area and is a travel expert and writer. We thought it would be fun to put our heads (and blogs) together and feature a two-part series on two of my geographic loves. The third love, Mississippi, will be featured later this spring on my blog. If you’re planning to visit Chicago anytime soon, this is a must-have for sights to see!

The Chicagoan Travel Guide for the Best Vacation

By Kendra Thornton

Chicago is the Midwest metropolis that invites millions of travelers every year. It’s a city with sparkling jewels like Lake Shore Drive, incredible world-class cuisine and an eclectic artist community. There’s also Wrigley Field just in case you love sports as much as Chicagoans do. On your next trip to Chicago, these are some of the places that you have to check out if you want to get a look at the best spots in the Windy City.

Where to Find the Best Views

Chi Town has an unlimited number of places for photo opportunities and scenic walks. One of the best places to spend an afternoon is the Michigan Avenue Bridge. It stretches across the main branch of the Chicago River running through downtown. It’s one of the biggest landmarks that the city has. The sculptures, various markers and incredible views of the city are just a few reasons that many people choose this bridge for an afternoon walk on a sunny day.

Art, Fun and Culture in One

Millennium Park is another attraction to check out in the Windy City. It also tells you a lot about Chicago’s history. Much of the city has been reinvented. Millennium Park used to be an abandoned stretch of land until Mayor Richard Daley came up with a plan in 1997. The eyesore became an incredible park in the middle of the city with beautiful architecture, landscape design and all kinds of art. There’s also a ton of free cultural events that are held in the park every week.

Getting’ Some Sleep in Chi Town

Staying in Chicago with a view of the skyline is one of the best parts about coming to the city. There are a few vintage boutique and modern hotels that are located downtown that offer incredible views of the city. One of the places that offer a beautiful view, incredible spa and tasty European cuisine is The Peninsula. Located off East Superior Street, it’s got the best spa in the city after a long day of exploring. You can also experience some incredible cuisine while overlooking the city on the terrace, which might be extra special for a romantic evening with someone special.

The Go-To Place to Eat

Nothing beats a good diner when you’re traveling. They offer a variety of food for great prices, and if you stop in Lou Mitchell’s, you’ll see what a diner is supposed to be like. With incredible food, you’ll find some of the best dishes in town while also getting an incredible deal if you have kids in your group. They’ll love the free Milk Duds.

Chicago offers all kinds of artistic and historical sights to see in addition to the famous sights that have designated Chi Town as one of the best places to vacation. If you are ever in the Windy City, these places in addition to the Chicago Water Tower and Grant Park definitely should be on your list to visit.

Tomorrow: Living Large in Big D…Texas Style!

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