Spring Cleaning…I Guess

Isn’t it hard to believe that it’s already April? The year is just flying by us. I’ve got two things on my mind that I want to bounce off of you. And it relates to spring cleaning.

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Do you usually do this? Thanks to the FlyLady, the house cleaning chores stay under control, so while there wasn’t a need for that, I did figure out two special projects I could embark on this spring. : 1. Make my bedroom look more like the sanctuary it should be, and 2. Create a home office space that I love.

The biggest challenge to meeting my goals is space. Who’s isn’t, right? I’ve got to figure out how to create these two beautiful and Pinterest-worthy locations in our relatively modest townhouse. I mention Pinterest because that’s where I’m getting my inspiration, and while I have gotten some good ideas, I haven’t settled on something that makes me scream “OOOHHHH YESSSS” just yet.

And cost is a consideration. Like most consumers, I want the best quality for the price.

Ugh…the space is an issue. It really is. Because now I also feel like I need to create a third space for the kids to serve as a mini-office/ creative space for them too. Remember the modest townhouse…it feels even smaller the more I think about it.

All in all, I’m up for the challenge! I’d love to hear what you have going on at home this spring. And if by chance you have a small space, how do you decorate it for style and functionality?

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