The Week in Review

Hey y’all! Here’s all the lovely things that happened in these parts last week. I need to tell you that I toyed with the idea of putting a “Week in Review” post on Fridays, but let me just be honest here, and tell you that I kind of like using Mondays to reflect on the last week…and you know, Friday was still happening when I would have written the Friday post, and what if I missed something? So here’s the quick and dirty of what we did last week:

The Podcast

So I had a thought in the middle of the night last Sunday that I wanted to start podcasting. Middle of the night thoughts are not new for me; I kind of think this is when I do my best work. But instead of writing and posting when I have these thoughts, I usually just sit and think because my iPad or keyboard or whatever device I would use is usually out of battery life and the late night hours are my charging hours. And the point of this, would be to tell you that last week I got the idea, hired a graphic designer, downloaded that podcasting software, and taught myself how to podcast. And if that wasn’t enough to do, I published my first podcast. In case you didn’t hear it, click here to listen. My next episode will be out on Wednesday or Thursday this week. It all depends on those late night epiphanies.


Product of the Week

I tried a new hair product last week. This is not a sponsored blog post or review, I just feel the need to talk about my hair and what I am doing with it! Chrystal did a whole series on hair during March Madness. Her last installment was a video, and I was in it!!!! And since then, I’ve been focusing on my hair and trying new hair products. So I guess this isn’t just about my new product, but about Chrystal’s video. First things first, click here to see the video.

Now, on to the product. This was my new product of the week:

2014-03-28 21.22.45-2

I have seen the Big, Sexy, Hair products but have never seen their sister product, Curly, Sexy Hair. I have naturally curly hair that I flatiron in the fall/ winter and wear curly in the spring/ summer. Because temperatures were in the 80’s last week, I started wearing it curly. And when those temperatures dropped this weekend, I had to make a decision on whether or not to flatiron, and I decided to keep it curly. But on to the product…it worked! It was perfect for tight spiral curls. I did have a bit more shrinkage than I like, but the curls were so cute that the shrinkage was okay. And I saw Cheryl on Monday and she thought it was cute too…so that should tell you that I just didn’t make it up. The curls lasted the entire week despite a few ponytails and other styles, so this is definitely a keeper.

And speaking of Cheryl, my curly hair and I were on her radio show last week. You can click here and listen to Mocha Mob on demand.

Update on Him

I’ve mentioned here before that the Him in My Life With Him and Them, has a seizure disorder and while we are seeing improvement, we are not where I’d like to be. To be honest, I’d like to be at a place where we don’t see them ever again, but for now, I’ll take the once every 5-7 days. Which is much better than the 20-30 a day we were seeing while his body was adjusting to the medicine. He’s been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia, which means that when his blood sugar levels drop, he is more susceptible to having a seizure. We’ve been able to treat it through nutrition, specifically a low glycemic diet, and converting almost all of our produce to organic. So it’s manageable, and we still see doctors regularly, and I do see improvements. This weekend, he had some asthma issues so that created a bit of an increase in activity, but as soon as the weather warms up, I think he’ll be okay.

New Blog Subscription Thingy

I’ve also decided to use MailChimp to manage my blog subscribers. I know this means nothing to you if you are not a blogger, other than you can click here to receive my blog and podcast updates. I will also be running my giveaways on here so you definitely want to sign up. No spam…all blog.


That’s all I’ve been doing…what about you?

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