Cancer Remembered: The BIG Tumor

This post is part of a month-long series on my cancer experience of 2013. They originally appeared on my blog at

I think I’ve mentioned before that the tumor is not small. In doctor-speak, it’s 13 cm wide. That’s big to be inside of your chest. But to make things more interesting…it looks like a cat.

I’ll pause for you to take that one in.
The tumor is shaped like a cat. And I know that because I love cats and have had cats.
At first glance at the chest CT scan (which looks like a more defined x-ray), the tumor has a striking resemblance to a cat. So this cat is has now become a bit of an anamoly to my surgical team.
For those of you who are very literal, I must tell you that no one believes I swallowed a cat, or that this tumor has anything to do with cats. The tumor is just oddly shaped and my sense of humor has determined it to be a cat. (It’s a coping mechanism.)
In order to properly resect the tumor (medical talk), the doctors have to have a plan. The shape and size of the tumor have given cause for the need for more doctors to weigh in. (They’re calling in the big dogs!)
So right now, we’re waiting for some additional consults. And we are reviewing  medical records from my  thyroid incidents in the past, and you know, everything has to go through insurance…and then I may have to travel to get those consults. (Houston friends…be on alert…the Holloways may invade your town soon!)
In Texas, we have a saying, “Everything’s Bigger in Texas.” Not only are things physically bigger, but we tend to make a big deal out of a lot of things, and our processes are big and full of steps.
So until we’ve figured out how the surgery will occur, the doctors have given me really good tips on managing the discomfort of the asthma-like symptoms. And of course, I’m following all of their suggestions.
But as soon as I know…you will know. 🙂
Until next time,
Big Hugs!

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