Cancer Remembered: What I Know for Sure

This post is part of a month-long series on my cancer experience of 2013. They originally appeared on my blog at
While I’m still enjoying the great news about the tumor shrinking, I thought I share this post today. Several years ago my mother gave me a book titled, “Things I Know for Sure.” I enjoyed that book, and of course created my own version for my current health situation.

I am pretty sure that if I’ve talked to you I’ve something to the effect of “I know that I am going to beat this cancer.” I think I may have even said it to colleagues at work. But anyhow,  I am saying it to all of you right here, and right now. I KNOW I AM GOING TO BEAT THIS CANCER.

And this is how I know this for sure…
1. I have been accepted into an incredible staff development program for professionals in higher education. The program is all-expense paid for a week at Lake Tahoe this summer. Lake Tahoe, in the summer, all expenses paid, and exploring more about my life in Student Affairs. And as a matter of fact, I applied to this program about 10 years ago and didn’t get in. So I know I need to be there. This summer. Cancer free.
2. I haven’t had the chance to be a back up dancer for Beyonce. When she calls, I can’t be deterred by surgery and treatment. I need to be able to attend rehearsals and such.
3. Okay, so maybe not. But I still need to see her on tour this summer.  Cancer free.
4. Priscilla Shirer and I need to have lunch. Well, I’ll settle for seeing her speak at the Desperate for Jesus Women’s Conference this summer. Cancer free.
5, All three of my children are scheduled to go to overnight camp this summer for the first time ever. One week without the kids. Cancer free.
6. The teen years prove to be interesting time in the life of a parent. So far, I’ve gotten just a taste of it, and I’ve decided that I’m up for the challenge. The next 10 years will give me the opportunity to lay down the law impart wisdom and experience teachable life moments with the kids. Bring it on! Cancer free.
7. Tita and I are going to become certified Zumba instructors. This August. Cancer free.
8. I need to visit Kat, Tesha, and Regan in San Francisco. Cancer free.
9. I need to take the children to see “Motown” on Broadway in NYC. We also need to hang out with Sasha, Ziggy, and Paris. Cancer free.
10. Delta Sigma Theta’s National Convention is this summer in Washington, D.C. It’s our Centennial. I need to be there in all my crimson soror glory. Cancer free.
11. There’s a wild conversation going on in the social media world with some friends from high school to meet in Chicago this summer for an encore performance of the Spring Musical from 1987. I need to attend this show for so many reasons….but I definitely need to attend it cancer free.
So that’s it for me right now…you got anything exciting happening in your lives? Maybe something I can do with you…cancer free?


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