Cancer Remembered: What Doesn’t Wait

This post is part of a month-long series on my cancer experience of 2013. They originally appeared on my blog at
I took a little blog hiatus to spend time with family during the past 10 days or so, but I have been working on a post for you as time has allowed this week.
There’s not much news on the medical front. There’s a lot of faxing, emailing, and reviewing of blood tests going on right now. I do have a surgery date, but of course there’s a story surrounding it, and that my friends, is a blog post all of its own. 🙂
I have the news of the century! Through this health circumstance, I have learned to slow down. Yep. There are just some things in my world that must take a backseat to this cancer. I have had to re-evaluate my priorities and rest more, yadda, yadda. And I’ve definitely recognized that I can’t do it all, be it all, live it all.
However, in all of my resting and prioritizing, etc. I have noticed that there are just some things that won’t stop for cancer. And of course, I’d love to share them with you.
1. Tonsils don’t stop for cancer.
If we are friends on Facebook, you may know this already. But if we aren’t…get ready. CJ and Tyra had their tonsils removed this week. Our family doctor and the ENT made it very clear…I can either have this done now, or I can deal with when I’m having surgery, going through chemo, radiation, etc. According to the doc, I couldn’t wait until this summer…they were just that bad.
Neither Jada nor I have our tonsils. Problems with tonsils are hereditary, so I kind of knew this would happen one day. I just didn’t think it would be in 2013. But it was.
The tonsils woouldn’t wait for the cancer.
2. Dogs don’t stop for cancer.
I love dogs and cats. And you all know about our dog Nelly. We also have a cat, Sammy  and Frida, Nelly’s sister joined our family in January.  Unfortunately though, she is no longer with us. She had cardiac arrhythmia (congestive heart failure). Her heart wouldn’t stop for my cancer either.
4. 4th, 5th, and 6th grade doesn’t stop for cancer. (Contributed by Jada.)
Science fair projects. Orchestra concerts. Choir practice. ITBS and STAAR testing. Teachers who fuss about everything. Homework. Spelling words. The writing process. Silent lunches. None of that stops for cancer.
5. Texas Weather doesn’t stop for cancer.
Temperatures in the 70’s today, snow and ice storm tomorrow. I never knew this when I moved here 18 years ago. But, it doesn’t stop for cancer either.
6. The Lovelorn Heart of a Middle Schooler does not stop for cancer. I have two middle-schoolers. One of them woke me up at 2:00 a.m. on a school night to talk about Isaiah, George, Emily, and Porschia (all names have been changed to protect the innocent.) My middle schooler (I won’t disclose which one) was concerned about all of the other middle schoolers who like each other and want to “go out” with each other. So what did I do? I had no choice but to listen, and give my opinion when asked. Because the lovelorn hearts of middle schoolers do not stop for cancer.
7. Television does not stop for cancer.
Thursday nights on Facebook are hilarious. Almost all of my friends are hovered around the hit series “Scandal.” It’s my understanding that there is a new episode tonight…wooo wee! I don’t watch it, but I don’t need to. The play by play is available throughout social media and I can’t escape it. It doesn’t stop for cancer at all.
The one television show I do watch? Dallas! There is something about that show that just gets me giddy knowing that I live here. Thank goodness, the television show Dallas didn’t stop for my cancer.
8. Great friendships don’t stop for cancer.
This I am thankful for. I am still able to talk to those who I love regularly. We still laugh and text and email. I’m very glad that great friendships don’t stop for cancer.
9. The good memories don’t stop for cancer.
The kids and I are more careful at the type of memories we are creating. Going to the inauguration was amazing…and exactly what we needed at the time.
10. Medical research doesn’t stop for cancer. Medical research is constantly evolving. It’s fantastic how a diagnosis in the year 2000 can yield different results in 2013. I will always support research activities because this is one thing that should NEVER stop for cancer

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