Cancer Remembered: Prepping for Surgery

This post is part of a month-long series on my cancer experience of 2013. They originally appeared on my blog at
I am in countdown mode. The past few weeks have been strange for the thyroid and me. About 10 days ago, the thyroid shifted. Which means that as I was happily cruising along with hyperthyroid symptoms, it all came to a halt when the gland stopped producing the hormone…at all.
So I then struggled with hypothyroid issues…the biggest of which for me me is the fatigue. We tried it all (with the doctor’s consent of course), and finally, I think I can live with it.
Usually people who are hyper or hypo have medicine that can control the shifts, but unfortunately, since I am prepping for surgery, that is not an option. We had to treat my symptoms with vitamins, diet, and limited stress.
That being said, I am VERY excited to be having surgery soon. Two weeks to be exact! The surgery date is June 10, and my friend Cheron asked me to tell you that she is wearing red in honor of me that day.If you feel so inclined, I’d love for you to do it to. (AKA friends, I realized this is a stretch…but you know….:)
Medically speaking, I do have a few things to do to prepare for surgery. I do these neck exercises several times a day so my neck muscles won’t spasm during surgery. I also have to take calcium supplements because a low thyroid function = low calcium in your body. And lastly, no ibruprofen or aspirin products until the end of June.
The kids are not out of school yet…they have another week. But boy are they ready! Next year I will have two middle schoolers and one in junior high. Really?

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