The Homeschool Workspace

Let’s talk some more about homeschool shall we?

An important part of homeschooling is being organized and organizing my son’s learning space. Since I am not the only adult that helps him with his homeschooling, everything has to be organized.

The other little pickle in our homeschooling plan is that we physically do not have a lot of space at home. So in addition to being organized, I’ve got to do it in a small space.

When I tell you I make use of every inch on one of my bookshelves, I am not kidding. So here’s what our homeschool materials/ textbook/ bookshelf looks like:

2014-02-19 11.06.10

Each shelf has specific subject areas, including a section for reference materials and magazines that we use for current events. We even keep school supplies in the bottom drawer with writing utensils, highlighters, markers, etc in the cylinder on the middle shelf.

During the school year, I am a fanatic about keeping that shelf neat and organized. Even on weekends. But in the summer, not so much. Matter of fact, if I took a picture of it today…well let’s just say I didn’t take the photo above anytime this summer.

And then there’s the walls. I keep them covered with resources related to the topics we are covering. Here’s an example:

2014-02-19 10.12.22


2014-02-19 10.11.55-1



2014-02-19 10.11.55


Sometimes I’ll place the chart paper on the wall and use it like a blackboard for him to do problems on, or he can write questions he has as he’s progressing any given lesson.

2014-02-17 19.00.15


I use the sticky back chart paper. And when we are break from school, I just take the sheets down. This summer, our dining room and living room are covered with the kids’ goals for the summer, Bible verses they are studying, and the summer chore charts.

Some families I know have dedicated rooms for all of their homeschool items, but we just don’t have the space for that so we make it work with the space we do have. And for us it works.

Enjoy your Thursday!


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