Questions About Parenting…Ask them!


In blogger language, your audience of readers is called your tribe. My audience is mostly women who are moms from the ages of 30-50. In my nine years of blogging, I have found that I learn as much from my readers as they learn from me. Simply put, they are very smart women!

Do you have a question about parenting? Are you stumped on an issue that just baffles you? Send it to me at or on Twitter to @twillisbestshot. I’ll read it, think about the best way to answer it, and most importantly, I’ll ask my tribe.

You’ll get a variety of non-judgemental responses that will help you inform, then act appropriately. All names will reman anonymous! Remember, we aren’t meant to navigate this journey alone — and chances are, if you have the question, at least 5 more moms right here are dealing with the same issue.

What would you like me to ask my tribe?

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