Ask My Tribe: Motherhood Advice


From a reader:

@twillisbestshot I’m expecting my first baby next spring. I am so nervous and I don’t know what to expect. Does your tribe have any advice for me?

I took the question to Facebook and Twitter, and here’s what a few of my friends had to say:

You’re going to screw up your kid in some way. Accept that and just do your best. — K.G.

Breastfeeding if at all possible and if you are unable to don’t feel like you failed you still have 18 years plus years to be awesome. — C.S.

Pray, Cry, Pray, Cry, laugh, protect, values, Teach, love, pray, respect, pray, and love… — F.S.

Don’t lose yourself. — K.M.

Accept all help and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Especially in areas of breastfeeding (it is the hardest but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life! But it took more work than I ever imagined and having a IBCLC counselor out to my house and on speed dial.) and accept all help around the house. I wish I would have done more of that instead of just felt like I was drowning in “chores” with babies to tend to. — E.T.

Understand that it’s the best job ever. — L.D.

Sleep when the baby sleeps. — C.S.

There is no perfect mom. You are doing it right no matter what others have to say. — E.M.

Best advice I ever received was to enjoy EVERY moment because it goes so quickly! — K.A.

There is no such thing as perfect parenting practices. Pray and enjoy every moment, the good and the no so good ones. — L.J.

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