Holiday Items You Need To Do Now

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I know you want to rock the holiday season this year! Let’s do it together.

You’re absolutely right. It’s only November 2 but the time is now here. We are officially in full-swing holiday countdown mode. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, school performances, holiday parties, travel arrangements…and the list continues.

I have made a commitment to myself this year not to be overwhelmed. It just doesn’t make sense. The holidays are a time of peach and joy and we just go crazy with all of the busy.

Not only am I committed to not overdoing it…I’m committed to helping you too.

From shopping hints and tips to ways to create fun holiday memories.  I’ve also been researching and working with store brands to give you discount codes and information about the hottest gifts this season!

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Here’s your list of things to consider this week:

  1. If you need to schedule any medical appointments during November and December, schedule them now.  If you get a flu shot, this is the time as the weather is changing.
  2. Make sure you get money back from your holiday purchases. Sign up on now. This will be my first year doing this, but from that I hear, it is a must. We can make money from our purchases!
  3. Speaking of money — figure out how much you have to spend and commit to sticking within your budget.
  4. Decide on the specific dates you are traveling. Figure out when the kids get out of school and plan your travel dates now.
  5. Start thinking about gifts for those who are closest to you. You don’t need to actually buy or make any decisions yet, just start thinking.
  6. This holiday season, on-line shopping is where the deals will be. Some of those deals will be available from the first week of November. Be ready.
  7. Talk to your family about one fun thing you all can do to celebrate the season. It can be a hot chocolate night, it can be Christmas caroling, and it can be more than one thing. But discuss and start to make plans for at least one thing, just for your family,
  8. Remember the phrase People, Not Things. This was my goal for all of 2015. I wanted to make sure that the people in my life knew I loved them. There’s no better time than the holidays to reinforce that with those you love. People, not things.

The holidays are supposed to be fun, not stressful. It took me several years to realize that, and this year I am going to teach you how to enjoy this season.  Join me for a free webinar this Saturday at 10 a.m. entitled “Rock The Holidays With Less Stress, More Fun, & Great Memories.”

In the webinar, we’ll chat about ideas for making your holidays great.  Specifically, we’ll cover the following:

  1. What you can do this week to get a jump on the holiday season.
  2. Great ideas for family fun that will eliminate eyerolls from your older children.
  3. The hot holiday items for 2015 and who will have them on sale.
  4. The science — yes this is a science — to make your holiday shopping better for your nerves.
  5. Great ideas for homemade holiday gifts that don’t look cheap or cheesy.

To sign up for the webinar, click here.

Let’s make this a holiday season like no other!


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