Everyone Needs a Weathergirl


Photo Credit: Bitstrips

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? A big portion of the country has seen more snow in the month of November this year than ever before. In Texas, temperatures are dropping, snow and ice are threatening, and school closings are looming.

My daughter was on FaceTime with her friend last weekend and they are already discussing the threat of snow on Sunday. And the possibility of no school on Monday.

Enter my fun alter ego, Weathergirl.

I have loved the weather as long as I can remember. I even love tracking weather conditions. Say the words Doppler Radar and I get excited. Really excited. About three years ago, I started sharing my love for the weather on Facebook. When adverse conditions were a threat, I’d report the weather conditions and school closings for my friends. It was a cute and funny thing to do.

Until my entertainment turned serious for my friends who couldn’t figure out the forecast, traffic and school closings. Because even though I was entertaining, I reported it all. I was just that serious.

Last year we had a rough winter. I was on-call for weather issues the entire month of February. I gave myself the name Weathergirl, and a Facebook icon (for my friends, anyway) was born. Once winter ended, I returned to my old  self of Toni and carried on with my life.

If you had asked me this time last year if my weathergirl updates would have turned into an actual email list with updates and be a part of my blog, I would have laughed.

But now that’s exactly what has happened. When the tornadoes hit parts of North Texas last week, I got phone calls and text messages about the conditions. I was shocked, but I immediately saw the need. As I told my kids, “the people need to know! Weather girl must return!”‘

FullSizeRender copy

Weathergirl is back! Photo credit: Bitstrips.

And return she did as winter storms are now here. Except now that I’m a bit more experienced in my blogging, so she’s gone a little high tech. To make sure you receive updates via email on North Texas weather, click here.

This week is pretty ugly. I think my Thanksgiving weekend may be busy, and I’m not just talking about eating turkey and shopping. Weathergirl is back. And you need to join her.

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