Why Adele is On Repeat on All My Devices


More specifically, let’s talk about how the songs on this album are playing everyday, several times a day, and usually end with me in tears, sending lovelorn text messages, and crying myself to sleep.

Yep. It has had that effect on me.

And I’m not ashamed to tell you why. Because through listening to Adele’s 25, I’ve been able to learn a lot about myself, how I’ve approached the relationships in my life, and how I’ve recovered from heartbreak.

Simply put, this is the kind of music that helps you remember the good, appreciate the bad, and evaluate the lessons you’ve learned from them all.

And apparently, it’s not just me that Adele has that effect on. One afternoon, I found my 14-year-old daughter in my room at the computer desk with her headphones on and tears streaming down her face. When I rushed over to her, I caught a glimpse of the screen and saw what she was listening to — Adele.

Apparently, in 14 years she too has had some hormonal ups and downs that caused reflection. Y’all, when I think about my daughter and the melodrama of the teen years it is very easy for me dismiss her feelings and the seriousness of what she felt.

However, in the same tone, it should also be easy for me to dismiss the value of my feelings when listening, because I was crying over relationship lessons learned from the distant past myself.

And when I paused to think about how I felt about boys and love and everything in between when I was 14, all I could do was put my hand on her should and say, “isn’t it amazing?”

So, since the first day it dropped, Adele’s 25 has been on constant replay. Daily. Here’s what I’ve learned in the few weeks since its release.

1. In her 20s, Adele can accurately express the feelings I couldn’t express until I was 35. And if I really want to be honest with you, some of them I haven’t been able to articulate them at age 43.
2. Songs that remind me about anything that happened in my 20s will have a special place in my heart — I have found that having those the memories are okay. And for the record, the romantic relationships that I had then have more exciting  memories than the more recent ones.
3. My word for 2016 is vulnerable, and Adele is not afraid to be vulnerable. I feel kind of connected to her related to that concept.
4. She makes having a broken heart cool. As silly as it sounds, it’s true. In the world according to Adele, it’s okay for us to have a broken hearts, and talk about them.
5. Her songs encourage healing and forgiveness.
6. No other artist has had me dancing to the idea of celebrating my ex’s new love.
7. Her songs make me want to be a better person in my romantic relationships. And to take it a step further, I’m actually acknowledging the things I’ve done wrong (gasp) in the past and learning what I can do better.
8. She’s telling millennials everywhere that drama is unnecessary. In my other life working with college students, I have found this to be imperative. We are not living on a movie set.

#Ad. So if you haven’t gotten it, you can purchase it right here. And. yes, even with the wonders of Pandora, this is one you need to purchase.

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