Prayers For Teens

Last week I shared two blog posts that have me stressed as a mom. In one post, I discussed the moment that I discovered my kids have been exposed to the ills of twerking, drugs, and porn. In the other post, I talked about an issue that I truly believe is an act of the enemy – the moment that one of my sweet, precious babies questioned me about atheism.

Both situations required grace and mercy. Both situations required me to turn my children over to God. And both situations made me realize that I probably should have consulted God about these specific things all along.

After I published those posts from last week, I discovered one thing. Highly influenced by the work of Priscilla Shirer in the book Fervent, I was a woman on a mission. And the result is this.

Click to access a pdf version of a free prayer guide for parents of teens

Click on the image above to get the free prayer guide!

I created a short reference guide for us to pray for the teens we love. There’s a sheet for boys and a sheet for girls, and another sheet with scripture references that will help us. Once you open and download the document, you will see that there are ten areas to pray specific prayers for your teen. I am using it to pray for a specific are for each child each day. As you will see, I give you  a suggested subject for the pray, but it is up to you to get more specific about what you know your child needs.

The last page is a list of bible scriptures to keep you encouraged and reinforce the need to pray so fervently.

I’m curious to hear your feedback on the journal and what’s happened the you’ve prayed long and hard. Send me an email to toni [at] twillimedia [dot] com or put your thoughts in the comments below.


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