A Day in Her Shoes – Meet Franchesca


March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate the magic of all women and the variety of tasks we complete in a day, we are highlighting women from all over the world and their busy schedules. Welcome to a day in her shoes.


Franchesca, 21, is a college student and pre-school teacher. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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6:00 AM I roll over to the side of the bed and I think about my life..

7:00 AM After I realize that I have to go to work I get up and start to get ready..

8:00 AM At this time I am on Interstate 20, about to exit 35 North..

8:30 AM I am also getting ready for my Preschool Class..

9:00 AM I am welcoming my little Prescholer’s into the classroom

10:00 AM I am teaching the little ones about God and their letters and numbers!

10:30 AM I am getting ready to take my students to their special class for the day!

11:00 AM It is recess time! I am out on the playground running around the kids

12 NOON Lunch Time! I am eating something that could or could not be healthy! At the same time I am helping my kiddos fill up on their food.

1:00 PM I am writing in the students folder whether that received a sad or happy face. This is also my meditation time, as my little pumpkins re asleep

2:00 PM I am getting the kids up from nap, and trying to get my life together…

3:00 PM Time to pack up and go home! I am on my way to the gym, and probably dreading about going..

4:00 PM I am still at the gym lookking at the machines hoping that I will loose weight just by staring at it

5:00 PM I am most likely stuck in traffic on Interstate 20 :/

6:00 PM I am at home cuddling with my coves and my computer,.

7:00 PM I am now walking around the house trying to figure out what I am going to wear for the next day

8:00 PM I am slowly winding down. I am either checking Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

9:00 PM I am rub a dub dubbing in the shower, waiting for myself to finally feel sleepy

10:00 PM I am awake staring at the stars wishing I could be sleep

11:00 PM My mind is racing and I am up thinking about tall the things I need to be doing


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