A Day in Her Shoes – Meet Crystal

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March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate the magic of all women and the variety of tasks we complete in a day, we are highlighting women from all over the world and their busy schedules. Welcome to A Day in Her Shoes.

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Crystal is a writer, editor, and social media manager. Visit her website at www.stressfreesuccess.co and check her on Twitter and Instagram.


9:00 AM Waking up and eating breakfast.

10:00 AM Thinking about if I should go to the gym before 2. On my laptop to check my social media and blog stats.

11:00 AM Trying to pull myself away from distractions to do some editing work.

12 NOON Seeing that it’s close to lunch and I’m not going to make it to the gym early. Force self to take a 30 minute break and read a book.

1:00 PM Still reading the book, and must make self get back to work.

2:00 PM Making and eating lunch.

3:00 PM At the gym! Enjoying how good it feels to work out.

4:00 PM Still at the gym, about halfway through my workout.

5:00 PM Either stopped at the bookstore for a banana chocolate smoothie or went home.

6:00 PM One hour break time! ( Imposed by my girlfriend.)

7:00 PM Eating dinner.

8:00 PM Back at work, but texting my girlfriend in between.

9:00 PM Feeling tired, but keep going because I really have to finish work.

10:00 PM  Wondering if I should take a break as I look at my social media and check my email.

11:00 PM Calling it a night and getting in bed.

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