A Day in Her Shoes – Meet Cathy

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Cathy is a college administrator and champion for students of all ages. Her favorite shoes are easy – comfy flip flops!

March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate the magic of all women and the variety of tasks we complete in a day, we are highlighting women from all over the world and their busy schedules. Welcome to A Day in Her Shoes.

cathy head shot

5:00 AM  Hopefully asleep after waking up at 3:00, 3:30 & 4:00….rolling back over

6:00 AM  Hitting my alarm, cursing at it usually…

7:00 AM   Up heading to the shower, after reading my daily devotional, praying and checking fb for morning updates of friends and family.

8:00 AM    Still on Loop 12 heading to the View…should have been at my desk…But I’m always late. 

9:00 AM   Preparing for the day, checking emails, deciding which meeting is the most important for me to attend…or not. Touching base with team, catching up or deciding who will do what that day.

10:00 AM   Usually we would have an event to decorate, make copies or do something to prepare our young adult college student leaders for.  

11:00 AM     Event started…which ever of the many ones we do.

12 NOON    Enjoying the event whether I’m facilitating it, or supporting it. Usually I’m learning something new which is what I love about my career choice…never a dull moment!

1:00 PM     Still in the event…But thinking about the next…which sometimes we have up to six in a day…cultural, historic, leadership or career development…or a big ole party!

2:00 PM     Cleaning up after the event or running to afternoon meetings.

3:00 PM     Usually still stuck in meetings.

4:00 PM     Answering emails, looking at what the next day event schedule looks like, meeting with students or staff.

5:00 PM     Trying to leave for the day, tracking down my 15 year old early college high school daughter somewhere on campus, deciding who is going to talk who into working out (or not) that evening.

6:00 PM     If we were successful in convincing one another into working out, we are in the gym at school. Fusing with my awesome trainer, while he is making me do things I never dreamed I could do.

7:00 PM      Heading home, usually stopping at Aldi’s or the dreaded Wal-Mart. Usually the 15 year old is listing off all activities she has scheduled that week, reminding me to put it in my calendar…weekend social events, leadership events or poetry readings scheduled. She has a much busier life than I do….besides being her personal driver…hence why I let her get her drivers permit as soon as she turned 15….

8:00 PM     If it is Thursday, I’ve popped open a bottle of Shiraz, and poured a glass to prepare to watch Grey’s, Scandal and Htgawm…my favorite night of the week and usually the only night we watch television. Other nights we usually are doing homework, making dinner together or just sharing our day.

9:00 PM     Cleaning up, I’m trying to be a Flylady…So each night my sink is shining!

10:00 PM      In bed, checking fb, catching up with family and friends on social media.

11:00 PM     Praying I’m asleep, which I usually am.

From Cathy: This is my weekday walking in my shoes. On the weekend I’m usually spending time running after one of my six beautifully created by God, grandchildren…and sometimes all of them!!! They are my heartbeat and joy! Being a “Gigi” the last six years of my life has completely redefined my life and gives me such a sense of being a phenomenal woman, each and everyday. Oh, and I didn’t mention my sweet other member of the family…Roxy our “best friend” and family dog.

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