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March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate the magic of all women and the variety of tasks we complete in a day, we are highlighting women from all over the world and their busy schedules. Welcome to A Day in Her Shoes with Kaywanda Lamb.

Kaywanda is a high school Spanish teacher, and author, and an entrepreneur. Her latest book, Do It Anyway, is a manifesto for all moms.

Kaywanda is a high school Spanish teacher, and author, and an entrepreneur. Her latest book, Do It Anyway, is a manifesto for all moms.

5:00 AM      Just waking up. I pray when I wake up before rolling out of bed. I take a moment to think about what I want to do that day and mentally organize it all. If I know a crazy situation is possible, I ask God to be with me and to go before me to work it. It may not dissolve the situation, but I go into it confidently that it will at some point work in my favor.

6:00 AM     I’m waking my boys up for school. Then I’m headed to get in the shower.

7:00 AM     At 7 a.m., I’m in route to my day job as a Spanish teacher. I have to drop my youngest at middle school and then I go to my job at the high school. We listen to 3 different radio stations on our trek so we get a mix of old school hip hop, Christian talk radio, and oldies and goodies R&B with Steve Harvey. It’s an interesting ride with teens. I’m usually super expressive and agreeing with the radio host with oohs and ahhhs as I reminisce about my younger years.

8:00 AM     Getting ready to teach my first class. Usually I’m standing at the door to my classroom greeting students ready to learn Spanish.     

9:00 AM     I’m knee deep in teaching.

10:00 AM   Now, I’m in class two and teaching Spanish to high school students.     

11:00 AM   Teaching.  

12 NOON    I get to eat lunch. Yay!

1:00 PM     Teaching.

2:00 PM     Teaching.

3:00 PM     Teaching.

4:00 PM     School is out and I wait around to give tutoring and then I go pick up my youngest from school. If he has track, we go to that. Both my boys play football which means they don’t leave the school until late and that means neither do I.

5:00 PM     In the car headed home, planning dinner in my head, and prepping to work on the dream when my life as mommy and teacher ceases at 7 pm.

6:00 PM     Answering really hard questions posed by my middle schooler as he scrunches his face because I don’t remember who fought in a certain war or what he’s talking about. Lol! It has literally ben 20 years since I had to know what he is learning.

7:00 PM      This is where mama time begins. I’m usually sitting down to pen a blog post, post on social media, check in on my facebook group (Parent. Thrive. Win.), write a newsletter, and sometimes watch a little TV in the process. I usually don’t have many papers to grade, but if I do, I tackle those first.

8:00 PM     Checking on leads, creating social media for the next day or few days (if I’m on point), and checking my marketing.

9:00 PM     Checking my “to-do” list to see where I am.

10:00 PM     Making sure my boys actually went to bed. Preparing for tomorrow. Getting my shower and packing my tote and laptop bag so all my items are ready to go!!

11:00 PM     Preparing to go to bed. I say my prayers, give thanks for all of my blessings and peace of mind, check my vision board hanging in my room, and close my eyes hopefully by 11:30.

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A Note from Kaywanda: It isn’t easy working a full-time job, showing up there fully and also add a full-time side career that only works if you work. But, please know it can be done. Entrepreneurship excites me as a business major and a mom who has seen struggle. Oh yes honey! It has not been easy to raise my boys alone. God has seen us through so much and for that I am grateful. But, I believe we must use our gifts to bless our house. One of my gifts is not only speaking Spanish but being able to teach it. That gift opens doors. I also have a knack for problem solving and so I work with single moms to help them get through their blocks whether it’s in parenting, dating, or in starting their own business. All things I’ve done and been through. So, if you are starting something new sis, hold on. It will happen! But, you have got to Do It Anyway!

If you are in the Dallas area, Kaywanda is hosting a book signing for Do It Anyway this weekend! Please join her Saturday, March 26 from 12 Noon until 2 pm at Half-Price Books in Frisco. 

One thought on “A Day in Her Shoes – Meet Kaywanda

  1. I pray this inspires many women to take action. We really can chase our dreams. It’s not easy, but a good pair of shoes sure helps! I didn’t even include coaching calls with clients or work prep time, but you know it’s in there. No excuse not to make your dreams reality. You Can do it!!!

    Thank you Toni for sharing your space with me.

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