A Day in Her Shoes – Meet Jesse

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Jesse, aka Mama Bear, is a brand new first time mom navigating the exciting and terrifying world of motherhood. This journey is in partnership with Papa Bear, a little help from Boogie Bear (The family Pit mix), and a clowder of cats. Aside from being a very tired new mom, Mama Bear is also a full time Licensed Therapist, amateur photographer, and aspiring yogi. Read about her Mama Bear life on her blog or follow her on Facebook.

March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate the magic of all women and the variety of tasks we complete in a day, we are highlighting women from all over the world and their busy schedules. Meet Jesse and welcome to A Day in Her Shoes. 

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5:00 AM     5:41 actually, four minutes before my alarm, I am awoken by a hungry Baby Bear. I roll over and pick her up out of her bassinet, and I am quickly greeted by a big gummy smile. Time for breakfast!

6:00 AM     Baby Bear and I take a quick nap before we start our day.

7:00 AM     I have now enlisted the help Papa Bear, as I rush around the house gathering the diaper bag, my lunch, my work bag, and my pumping supplies. After triple checking (you only need to forget a pump part once before you start checking obsessively before you leave the house in the morning!), I start the car and load Baby Bear, Boogie Bear (The family Pitt Mix), and head off to the in-laws.

8:00 AM     Feeding Baby Bear one last time before I rush off to work. As a reward for my hectic morning, she gives me more smiles, some coos, and a jump party. I shortly there after arrive at my first appointment’s home, where I teach them how to prepare three cheese lasagna, and I am appalled (and slightly offended), that they decline to use spices!!!

9:00 AM     I arrive at work and have a 5 minute hypomanic conversation with a co-worker about our obsession with LuLaRoe Leggings. (If I could only find the black lions!!) I rush off to my meeting, where I sit with my co-workers, discussing the great work we are doing, and cracking snide jokes to help get through the day.

10:00 AM     Rushing to leave my meeting early, answering questions as I pack up, grab medications, shove my laptop in my bag and lock myself in a room and pump before my next appointment.

11:00 AM     My next appointment arrives, we discuss coping skills, and I educate about the nature of mental illness.

12 NOON     Walk appointment to the door, rush back to lock myself in a room once again to pump. I take a moment to watch at my favorite video of baby bear before doing some paperwork. My next appointment arrives.

1:00 PM     Walk appointment to the door, rush back to lock myself in a room once again to pump. I take a moment to watch at my favorite video of baby bear before doing some paperwork. My next appointment arrives.

2:00 PM     I arrive at the in-laws and respectfully disagree with their parenting advice, graciously accept the food they made us, and load the family in the car. We send Papa Bear our daily, “we are safe and heading home” photo. I roll down the windows, grab Baby, and rush into Lowes to get a piece of wood cut and some batteries.

3:00 PM     We finally arrive home! Baby Bear whines adorably to tell me she’s hungry. After her meal, we capitalize on the sunshine and cuddle on the back deck and wait for Papa Bear to get home.

4:00 PM     Horray! Papa Bear comes home early! We sit in our living room discussing our days, and discuss the suicidal cardinal couple who have been attacking our bay window, and how they have now graduated to the windows of my car. Boogie Bear hides, the cardinals are way too intimidating for this pitbull.

5:00 PM     An early dinner and a show from our all too comfortable couch as Baby Bear naps. This is our first weekday dinner together in a few weeks, we enjoy it while we discuss the Five Love Languages.

6:00 PM     Baby Bear awakes with a stir. Play time!!!! I sit with her while she plays, and almost successfully rolls over for the first time, we cheer with delight! Quickly followed by a shrill scream, informing us that Tummy Time is in fact, OVER.

7:00 PM      Papa Bear turns to me, “Who sings the song (insert beautifully sung random 90’s lyrics). Uh….**snaps fingers…joins in on song** OH! N*Sync! “Drive Myself crazy.” Immediately followed by googling the music video and a debate on how politically incorrect it is. Ahhh, memories.

8:00 PM     I sit on the couch, checking emails, revising blog content for Memoirs of a Mama Bear, as Papa Bear indulges in a video game: Fall out New Vegas. “Its a baby scorpion? I can’t wait to kill him!”

9:00 PM     Snack time with Papa Bear, he packs my lunch for tomorrow while I watch in awe of my cat trying to force his body into a box three sizes too small. Baby Bear gives tummy time another whirl.

10:00 PM      Preparing our St. Patricks day meal for the crock pot in the morning. Cleaning some last minute dishes, and making breakfast for the morning. I spend some time making sure that Papa Bear has some ready to eat meals during the day tomorrow (its easy to forget to eat when you’re taking care of Baby Bear alone for a 12 hour day).

11:00 PM     We bring everything upstairs for bed time, and rock Baby Bear to sleep. I sit and admire her peaceful slumber, and I reflect on the day I’ve shared, and I am grateful for the life that I live, as hectic as it may be. I lay in bed, I attempt to mentally prepare myself for my twelve hour work day tomorrow, and remind myself that I will be helping people, and making a living to give our Baby Bear the Life that she deserves.

2 thoughts on “A Day in Her Shoes – Meet Jesse

  1. Toni, thank you for featuring me in this segment! I really enjoyed writing it, and found it to be eye opening for me. It forced me to take a step back and look at my behaviors. It helped me slow down, and appreciate every part of my day. Thank you to Toni’s readers for taking a moment to reading about this Mama Bear’s busy day! Best wishes to all!

  2. Geez Momma Bear, I didn’t see anything in there where you take a breath! Good luck to you Momma Bear. Popa Bear, and no wait Baby Bear doesn’t need luck cause she has Momma and Poppa Bear!

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