44 Incredible Things About Life

44 things

Birthdays are magical. Even when you are 44. My birthday was last week – Friday to be exact. As another day celebrating my life loomed and I didn’t know what I was going to do to celebrate it, I paused for a moment to think. My celebrations aren’t necessarily big, just memorable enough for me to search a few Pinterest boards, do something different, and continue to reflect on the joys that life continues to bring.

In honor of turning 44, I decided to create a list. Not the grocery list or errand lists that are the norm for me, but a list of the things that make life absolutely incredible. I must admit though, the thought of writing 44 things that are incredible made me nervous, but on one particularly rough day filled with emails and meetings and writing deadlines and sick children and client misunderstandings, I felt defeated. And I most definitely didn’t feel that I would find 44 things to make my list. 

Until I started thinking a bit more, and I realized that I should never have this problem again because if given the opportunity, I could probably list at least 444 things that make life incredible.

But for now, I’m only sharing  44. For the record, these are listed no special order other than how they randomly popped in my head during the two hours I thought about this (while I was laying in bed after my alarm clock sounded, driving the kids to school, and running the errands that should have been on my list.)

  1. Wanting to be awake when the sun rises
  2. Birthday love on FB
  3. Jeans
  4. Peonies
  5. The family birthday dance, inspired by 50 cent
  6. Basketball
  7. Football
  8. College students
  9. Creativity
  10. The perfect handbag
  11. Asking questions without fear
  12. Giving answers in truth
  13. Love as a verb
  14. Forgiveness
  15. Laundry
  16. Gumbo
  17. Cousins
  18. Great customer service
  19. Curly hair
  20. Cj
  21. Tyra
  22. Jada
  23. Gadgets that help you think
  24. Glasses are fashion accessories
  25. Learning something new
  26. Pizza
  27. Places to call home
  28. The Bible
  29. Road trips
  30. Texas Wild flowers
  31. Calendars
  32. Imagination
  33. Grocery store gas points
  34. Yellow things
  35. Emoji
  36. Choices
  37. Cake
  38. Naps
  39. Hugs
  40. Sisterhood
  41. Photos
  42. Superheroes
  43. Lavender
  44. Fairies


So tell me, what makes this life incredible for you?

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