Gift Ideas for Teen Boys



Happy Holidays! If you’re like me and haven’t even started shopping yet, this week’s posts are guaranteed to help you. The teen boy in my house is fond of all the items on this list and then some. According to C.J., you can’t go wrong with any of these items! For info on how to purchase, click on the name of each item listed below the gift images.

My teen son has come into his own style lately. These are a few of his favorite things.

My teen son has come into his own style lately. These are a few of his favorite things.

The gifts I’ve listed are actual gifts that my son has received recently (his birthday was in September) or he has mentioned he wants. Anything tech pretty much is guarateed to be a hit in our house, and because C.J. plays soccer, I can’t go wrong there either.



*Affilliate links included in post.*

  1. DJ Party Mix – C.J. wanted this for his birthday this year and he has enjoyed using it. Tip: you will need to get some speakers to play the music. You can find those here.
  2. Beats By Dre – Beats Headphones were all the range a few years ago (and extremely expensive!) Now they are more affordable and and on sale more frequently than they were before.
  3. Card Magic – My son has been interested in magic ever since he was a small child. At 16 years old, he’s still interested but the challenge is finding a gift thats’s not too childish. This set of card tricks is great for all ages.
  4. Life of Pablo Gear – Most of the teen boys I know admire Kanye West. I will agree that he is a creative genius but because of his influence in my home, the next three items are related to Kanye. The Life of Pablo is his 7th and most recent album. I don’t think a day goes by in my house that someone is not listening to a song from it.
  5. Yeezy Hoodie – My family loves hoodies. The teens love them, I love them, and we’ve even encouraged my parents to love them. Of course, Yeezy has them. It just wouldn’t be right if he didn’t.
  6. Yeezy Athletic Shoes – Made by Adidas, the Yeezy line has also extended to athletic shoes. According to the Yeezy expert in my house, they are comfortable and easy to style. Because of popularity, they do tend to sell out easily, and buyers need to be on the lookout for expensive upsells and scams.

Other ideas for teens (or tweens) you may be shopping for include:

Anything from Bath and Body Works or even Ulta. We are in the stage where hes’s realized that smelling good is important for men of all ages. Both stores sell fragrances that are sporty scents or geared more towards men. After a quick tutorial from my father, C.J. is now an expert on choosing cologne. (No, as a mommy, I wasn’t ready for this but it happened so here we are.)

Headphones, Chargers, or Selfie Sticks

Cash. I know it may seem like cash is so impersonal, but there are several unique ways to wrap monetary gifts. For more ideas, visit and follow this pinterest board.

Do you have tween or teen boys on your shopping list? What are you planning to get them?

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