Gift Ideas for a Weight-Loss Journey


It’s December. After December comes January. January could also be named the month of eating healthy, committment to exercise, and my favorite title of changing our lives for the better. In January of 2016, my daughter and I joined three of my friends in the quest for healthier living. It hasn’t always been easy, but we have increased our daily servings of fruits and vegetables and maintained our committment to getting exercise at least three times a week. We’ve stayed the course for 12 months now, and plan to continue it into 2017.


Tyra and I started a new journey toward healthy living at the beginning of 2016 and we plan to continue it into 2017.

As with the other posts in our gift guide, today’s post will help you select gifts for the health conscious on your list. And if you’re planning on making some life changes for yourself next month, you may want to check these items out. For info on how to purchase, click on the name of each item listed below the gift images.


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  1. Weight Watchers All Time Favorites Cookbook –  A change in eating required a change in cooking for me.  My family enjoys meals that are heavy in protein and veggies but also flavorful. This book will definitely help anyone who wants to be health and eat good.

2.  Dr. Oz’s The Good Life Magazine – Who doesn’t love Dr. Oz and all of his healthy living wisdom? Subscriptions to his magazine have been on sale this holiday season and make a great gift.

3. Yoga Mat – My quest for wellness this year has led me to praciticing yoga and meditation regularly. This mat is everything!

4. Digital Scale – For years I did not own a scale but I wondered why I was never losing weight. Our scale has taught Tyra and me how to be more accountable in our journey. If you can’t track it, how do you know you’re loosing it?

5. Fit Bit Charge 2 – This happens to be on my wish list this year.  The Fit Bit Charge 2 is an upgraded fitness tracker that includes guided breathing sessions and reminders to move with a much longer battery life than other members of the Fit Bit family.

Our journey definitely had its highs and lows this year, but in the end, our goal of improving our eating habits has been acheived and scale is getting closer to desired goals. Our experiences with diabetes (me) and pre-diabetes (Tyra) were featured in this on-line magazine this summer. Now, if I can only stay away from extra servings of peppermint bark and strawberry cheesecake bites.

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