Gift Ideas for Bloggers


As a blogger, I am often asked about two things: 1. How others can start blogging and 2. What equipment do I use as a blogger. I’m sharing what I use daily in case there’s a blogger on your gift list or you’ve gotten bit by the blogging bug.

If you're shopping for a blogger this season (or considering blogging yourself) you will love this list.

If you’re shopping for a blogger this season (or considering blogging yourself) you will love this list. 

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  1. Logitech C920 Webcam – I know that most laptops have cameras in them but this webcam is ah-mazing! The clarity of the video cannot be beat and this is a must have, expecially if you add videos to your blogging repertoire.

2. Blue Snowball Microphone – Like the webcam, I know that computers have built-in microphones but the Blue Snowball works perfectly for podcasts, videos, and tutorials. If you need to record your voice for any purpose, do it on this!

3. Nikon DSLR – I upgraded my camera game about six years ago. At the time, the phone on my camera was not that great and I needed another camera for blog photos. I started with point and shoot cameras from Kodak and Fuji, but eventually I upgraded to a DSLR with detachable lenses. Personally, I’m a fan of Nikon, but if Canon is what you prefer, go for it!

4. Laptop Computer – I use a Macbook Pro but I know they can be pricey. Any laptop will work, including  this one from HP and this one from Asus.

5. Epic Blog Planner – My writing coach is epic in everything she does, from authoring books to creating YouTube videos to writing informative blog posts. She first published the epic blog planner a few years ago and it has served me quite well in planning the editorial content for this blog. Buy the planner and check her out!

6. Mobile Tripod – I actually have two tripods – one for my DSLR camera and one for my iPhone. For beginning bloggers, I’d suggest just getting the smaller one. There’s always time to work yourself up to this one.

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Click on image to access printable version


Click on image to access printable version


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