Gift Ideas for College Students



College Students are amazing. They are fun, inquisitive, and they keep me updated on the latest styles and trends. In the 21 years I’ve been working with them I think I’ve learned as much from them as I hoped they’ve learned from me. This year I have more college students in my family than I’ve had before. Somehow my sweet little cousins have all grown up and now and they are sweet, adult, college students. Today I’m sharing the best items for college students who may be on your shopping list!

All of a sudden my "little" cousins have grown up and are now college students. Fortunately, one of them is in school about 90 miles from us!

All of a sudden my “little” cousins have grown up and are now college students. Fortunately, one of them is in school about 90 miles from us!


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1. Noise Cancelling Headphones – In order to be successful in college, college students need to be able to study in peace and quiet. If they live in a dorm, these headphones can be very helpful.

2.  Tech Backpack – Laptops, textbooks, pens, notebooks can weigh bags down and cause back pain. Tech backpacks have extra padding that equally distribute weight across shoulders while protecting any electronic items.

3. Planner – As a college instructor, I’m constantly sharing tips and reminding students about time management practices. Planners are important and may help students learn that there is alternative to pulling all-nighters.

4. Fitness Tracker – The “Freshman Fifteen” is real. For me, it continued through my junior year in college. If I had a fitness tracker twenty years ago, I could have possibly been a bit more proactive in setting health and wellness goals.

5. e-Reader – This day and age more and more textbooks are available in electronic forms. E-readers give students the ability to annotate, highlight, and summarize multiple books on one device. Textbooks available on e-Readers make learning portable and more convenient for busy students.

6. Laptop Computer – Many of my students love HP computers because they are affordable and they get the job done. Laptops are necessary for success in college, and any student on your list would appreciate this gift.




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