Are You Looking for a Master Plan(ner) in 2017?

My first confession of 2017 is simple. I am a planner addict. I can go into a store for the most routine of reasons and end up trapped in the stationary/ school supply/ planner aisle for several minutes only to decide that I don’t need an 8th planner for the same year, or I’m on a time crunch and I absolutely must leave. That happens when that 5-minute trip to the store has now become 35 minutes, and usually the only thing that pulls me away is the fact that I must go pick up the teens I love from school.


One of the reasons this is my absolutely favorite time of year is the notion of planning. I love the feeling of looking at a calendar and imaging what the next 12 months will unveil – where I will go, what I will see, or who I will meet. Because we are on the cusp of a new year, most planners are on sale – some for as much as 50 percent off the original prices. (That’s generally the part that makes it’s so difficult for me not to buy…I love a good sale!) 

Throughout the past few months, I’ve surveyed several calendars (in the interest of the blog, of course). Here are some of my favorites:


Some of my favorite planners for 2017. Affilliate links included.


  1. Create 365 Fitness Planner Extension (can use solo to only track fitness goals, but can also work as a supplement to the Create 365 collection.

3. Lilly Pultizer 2017 Daily Planner

3. Do It All Secret Gardens Calendar

4.  Create 365 Hello Life Planner

5. Flower Applique 18-Month Inspirational Planner

How are you planning to manage your time this year?


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