Word for 2017: Miracles

This post includes affilliate links.

This post includes affilliate links.

For the past six years I have chosen a word that sets the tone for the new year. I usually spend much of the fall reflecting on the previous year, the lessons learned, and the goals I want to accomplish. While I’ve always reflected and evaluated hopes, dreams, and goals, I didn’t embrace the one word idea until I read this book.

Since then, I’ve focused my year on my one word and one bible scripture. It’s amazing how these two things can keep me grounded and focused in the most stressful of times. Through the years my words have included: Inspired, Unfiltered,  People, Vulnerable, and this year – Miracles.

Thank you Google.

Thank you Google.

This year I am open to creating and receiving miracles in my life. This year, I want my children to know that miracles exist. This year, I want to be a miracle worker (thanks Gabby!)

What this means for you my friend, is that you’ll probably see a sprinkle of blog posts about miracles and if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ll see some references there to miracles as well.

And oh – who can forget Snapchat! The miracle work continues there as well. 🙂


Where did the word miracles come from for me? As many of you know 2016 was rough for a lot of people, myself included. I read two books that introduced the idea of miracles and knew instantly that 1. I needed to invite, accept, and allow miracles to work in my life, and 2. I now expect to see and create miracles daily.



Thank you for joining me on this journey in miracles. Do you have a word for 2017?

And the two books I read? Here they are:

The Universe Has Your Back

May Cause Miracles


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