Tweeting Through the Teen Years – #1


I overheard this conversation the other day:

Child #1: Facebook for Mom and her friends is like our Twitter.

Child #2: You think? Maybe more like our Snapchat.

Child #3: No…Mom and her blogging friends are doing weird things on Snapchat. Stay with Twitter. {Disclaimer: By weird things, they mean take silly selfies with filters and torture  send them to our children.}

Child #2: Mom’s on Twitter.

Child #1: She’s on there, but Twitter moves so fast she doesn’t pay attention to what we do.


Welp. That conversation just gave me a small dose of reality!

They’re right. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. The two rules of engagement in our family are: 1. If a teenager has a social media profile, I must be somewhat familiar with it and 2. We must all friend/ follow each other on social media. But honestly, I don’t have time to monitor every step of their social media experiences and I know it’s hit or miss what I do see.

The real eye-opener of that conversation was that I don’t even know what’s of interest to teenagers on social media and if I were to have a discussion with my teens about anything on Twitter, I wouldn’t know what to say. So….this year I’m adding a new feature to the blog, it’s called, Tweeting Through the Teen Years. I’ll post a couple of times a month about items of interest on Twitter for teens and their parents.


Here’s a few posts I found recently:


Click the screenshot above to follow Stay Young Media.


Click the screenshot above to follow Kids Health.


Click the screenshot above to follow Teens Making Friends.


Click the screenshot above to follow Sedgrid Lewis, aka Spy Parent.

If you don’t already, join me on Twitter here! If you happen to see anything of interest, be sure to tag me!

If you happen to find the selfies and snapchat filters fun to play with, you can always visit me over there too!





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