Everyday Prayers and Affirmations


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Some days I wake up in an intense amount of pain. It radiates between my lower back, the base of my neck, and results in tightening around my shoulders. It’s been about 3 years since I began my journey with the pain, and yes my friends, I have consulted my doctor about the issue. As a result though, I am an expert in back exercises and stretches, heating pads, make shift ice packs, and I probably own enough Biofreeze to keep my family and yours pain-free.

However, my pain wasn’t stemming from a medical condition. It stemmed from the stress in my life and how I processed that stress. The long answer to my pain lay within meditation, manifestation, and affirmations that addressed my pain and also the issues that were stressing me out. The short answer is that my pain was a form of an anxiety attack. 

Surprise, surprise…when I first start experiencing that pain years ago, I was pretty stressed out from working out side the home full-time and attempting to balance it my life as a mom. When those pains returned recently, I knew that those issues related to the wellness of my family, my career, but I was also a little plagued by  political climate of our country.  The executive orders, the bans, the protest, and the unecessary insults are hard to watch and to be honest, hard to stomach.

The truth is this: we are living in uncertain times. The personal turmoil that many of us experienced in 2016 has now become societal turmoil that affects our country and the world. No matter what side of the political spectrum you identify with, times are tough.

When I went through a rough time last summer, I learned that I needed to step up my spiritual practices a bit. I needed to seek refuge in the arms of God. So I did, but it wasn’t easy. With the help of three books,* I was able to refine my refuge time with God; which incidentally I’ve found is not just a few minutes each morning. My refuge with God occurs during snippets throughout the day from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep.

I tell you this because recently I’ve been asked how I spend time with God, and more importantly, how I study the word during the tough times. While quiet time with God is important during the tough times, the truth is this, God time with God is important during all times.

When I wake up:

  • I open the First 5 app. screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-28-54-pm
  • I read scriptures and bible study plans in  the You Version Bible app.

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  • I review my daily prayers and affirmations – all 44 of them!

The Prayers and Affirmations (Some of these I’ve written, some have come during my quiet time and are related to specific challenge, and some have come directly from a book I’m reading.)

  1. I choose to feel peace instead of pain.
  2. I am flexible with myself and others.
  3. I am loved. I lived loved.
  4. The Love of the universe leads me to rise above my fears.
  5. I am open to all guidance from the universe.
  6. I am proactively healing my body. I am healthy. I am strong. I am free.
  7. I am a vessel through which I spread love.
  8. Every breath I breathe in transforms into outer abundance of love and grace.
  9. Lord, bless me.
  10. I am nourished with love and happiness.
  11. I choose joy.
  12. I am a living and breathing example of the positive power of the universe.
  13. I slow down to apppreciate time, space and Gods gifts. 
  14. As I move beyond my comfort zone, my territory for what God can do for me and within me expands to also influence others.
  15. My life is filled with joy. I allow the joy of God’s planned blessings to enter my being and propel me forward.
  16. When God is at work – no explanation is needed.
  17. I am ready, willing, and able to love myself again.
  18. I am grateful for the process I am in. I am grateful for this moment.
  19. I am not my body,
  20. When I look in the mirror, I see beauty.
  21. I am a messenger for love.
  22. I am not the victim of the world I see.
  23. I choose to be happy.
  24. I seek relationships that promote oneness and wholeness.
  25. I am aware that I judge and compare unfairly. I am mindful of my thoughts towards others. They are false perceptions.
  26. Through forgiveness, I connect with oneness and peace.
  27. All encounters are Holy encounters.
  28. Forgiveness reminds me that we are one.
  29. When I dwell within abundance I have abundance.
  30. Satan may be strong, but Christ is stronger. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
  31. Repent. It’s all about your thinking.
  32. My heart has no room for chaos.
  33. I am not my lack mentality.
  34. I am abundant and free.
  35. I am grateful for all that I have.
  36. I trust that God will provide.
  37. I have enough in this moment.
  38. Forgiveness offers me everything I want.
  39. I welcome infinite possibilities of the universe.
  40. Creativity is available to me now.
  41. Only love is real.
  42. I want to have a greater effect on the world.
  43. God’s perfect provisions will cast out fear.
  44. I am faithful.

…and the list continues to grow daily.


Throughout the day:

Before I go to bed:

I read 1-2 chapters of a book, usually nonfiction and religious/ spiritual/ self help genre. Right now I am reading Detours by Dr. Tony Evans.  Other books that have helped my spiritual growth are Kingdom Woman, She Reads Truth, and Racial Reconcilition.

*The three books I read specifically for the anxiety and pain are The Universe Has Your Back, May Cause Miracles, and Uninvited.

Have you found that there’s a connection between your quiet time and anxiety (or the lack thereof)?

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