Confessions of a Regular Mom Who Writes for a Living


Every mom has secrets, Some can be harmless and some can be devastating. Some really are secrets, they just never happened to come up in conversation. In my blog reading over the past few weeks, my internet friend Brittany wrote an authentic blog post about her confessions as an ordinary person who runs a business. I was struck by her candor and a bit inspired to tell some confessions of my own.

So today we’re going to air a little dirty laundry. If confession is good for the soul, I’m about to become very cleansed. I hope it inspires you to share some truths of your own! 

  1. Sometimes I forget I’m a mom first. I never forget I’m a mom, I do however forget I’m a mom first. It never fails that whenever I’m off track, the universe will snap me back into reality. It may be in the form of a mild concussion from soccer or a 102 fever from the flu,  but I do get the picture.
  2. I don’t get the adult coloring book phenomenon. I understand that coloring is relaxing, but can we just use the child coloring books that our kids use? All those designs are a little too busy for my eyes.
  3. Getting dumped at age 44 is a lot like getting dumped at age 16; except worse. I learned this one the hard way last summer. It’s still too painful to write about in-depth.
  4. For the first time ever in my life, I am speechless when discussing our country, public policy and politics. I have a college degree in political science.  I love talking about politics, even if I am talking with someone who has different views than I. Today I just can’t. The political crisis that our country is facing makes me sick to my stomach.
  5. I believe you can be a Christian with mad crazy love for God and humanity and respect civil rights, and some hold liberal values at the same time. See #4.
  6. That Perfectionism Thing gets me every time. I’m not sure when this started, but it can be a problem. I’m currently reading (ad) The Gifts of Imperfection to work on this.
  7. Don’t come for me about the state of Mississippi. You will never win. Ever. I know that its history is steeped in racism and unjust, but my family was, has been, and is currently affected by it. We’ve marched, we’ve lobbied, we’ve fought. We don’t plan to stop and we are committed to making a difference – in that state. By the way, as my uncle so eloquently stated, “The political climate of our country now makes the whole country the state of Mississippi.” Chew on that.
  8. I have surprised myself more ways than ever in the past year. The way I’ve handled entrepreneurship, learning my worth, forgiveness, ending a relationship that lasted six years and defining what the word “home” meant has left me speechless. The fact that I’m here to talk about it has me amazed even more.
  9. If you ask me about blogging, but then follow up with “I hate writing,” I will change the subject. You obviously aren’t interested in blogging if you don’t want to write.
  10. Writing is my love language. It always has and always will be. See #9. If you still don’t believe me, ask any man I’ve ever dated seriously.
  11. If you make me angry, I imagine what I will write about you to get over it. I don’t always write it, or publish it for that matter, but the article in my head is the absolute truth.
  12. I am very much an extrovert with many introvert tendencies. My weekends are sacred. I intentionally try NOT to make plans. Because we are blowing and going so much through the week, I need the downtime to recharge and prepare for the days to come. Trying to convince me otherwise will not work –  it will only get your text messages and phone calls ignored.
  13. I usually only read non-fiction books about God, religion, and spirituality. I can count on one hand the fiction books I enjoy,  but for the most part, I’m reading non-fiction.
  14. I honestly don’t understand the whole “I don’t do social media thing.” Why someone refuses to connect with other personally and professionally online just doesn’t make sense to me.
  15. Internet stalking is a real thing – and sometimes very necessary. We’re just going to leave that one alone for now.
  16. Coffee is my drug of choice. It’s probably better for the people around me that I have it daily.


17. I have 10 email addresses. And I can’t stand to have more than 330 opened emails in my inbox. Why 330? I have no idea, I just like the number.

18. I communicate with my family who live in Chicago and Mississippi every day. Every. single. day. We talk via phone, text, FaceTime, and on FaceBook. Don’t act like it’s weird…we love each other.

19. Parent committee meetings at school are the absolute worst. I am all for volunteering at my kids school, I just hate sitting through those meetings. Feel free to give me a task and I’ll do it, but don’t make me a spectator to the “one up” game with other parents. It’s kind of expected when the kids are little, but as a mom of teens, I’m over it.

20. Commuting is for the birds. Traffic is the bane of my existence. The days I can go to work without getting on a highway are the happiest days of my life. Unless on I’m on the highway driving to Mississippi. That makes me even happier.


Bonus (because it sounds much better than #21) : I hate waking people up. As someone who never gets enough sleep, I love it when others can rest. I also love to see the peaceful nature that sleep brings across someone’s face. On the weekends, I do not wake my kids up unless it’s absolutely necessary and I expect the same in return. See #12.

Will you share one – just one – of your confessions with me?


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