Mom’s Night In

Homemade vanilla milkshakes. Waffle fries. My Himalyan Salt lamp.

A Bible. My God. His Grace.

If you had to fight against your worst enemy, would you be prepared? Furthermore, would you even know who the true enemy is in the battle?

If you had to fight, would you take off your jewlery and pull your hair back, or would you arm yourself in prayer?

If I were in a fight, my human nature would tell me to take off my jewelry so I could scrap. What I really needed to fight was my bible.

I’ve mentioned before that this current season in parenting affords me more time alone than I’ve ever had before. With three teenagers in the house, their social calendars dictate time away from home. Ironically, even when they go out and have a great time with their friends, FOMO sets in and they always, always want to know what I did in their absence. Recently, I had a night alone and I stayed in for movie night, but I was armed and ready for war.

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War Room (2015) is a movie about a wife, mom, and real-estate agent who has become discouraged in her marriage, but through the power of prayer and with the help of a client was able to gain it back. Starring well-known bible teacher Priscilla Shirer, this movie is a great reminder that we should pray continuously and without ceasing, continue to give God the glory, and recognize His power and sovereignty in everything we do.

While prayer is important to my life, I also took note of the peace I felt at home alone and started to wonder if this is what my life would resemble in a few years as I enter the empty nest season. While I have mixed emotions about my impending life as an empty nester, I do have some tips on how you can plan a mom’s night in, all for yourself.

Supplies Needed

  • Movie(s)
  • Food (All the waffle fries you can eat make an excellent choice)
  • Fun Beverages (Homemade Milkshakes never hurt anyone)

Set the Ground Rules

  • Limit the distractions – silence your cell phone!
  • Create the ambience – the only light I had on was my Himilayan salt lamp – great energy and good vibes
  • Allow yourself to have fun – Sure I missed the kids, but I told myself it’s okay to fun without them. It really is.

Create the Space to Process

  • If it’s a chick flick, there will be tears so have plenty of tissues handy
  • Look up any references you need (in this case, most of my references were biblical, but you want to be prepared in case your mind wanders and you need to check some pop culture kinds of things.)
  • Journal any thoughts related to your own life. Movies like War Room make you think about a lot things from your past, present, and future. I had thoughts about the demise of my own marriage, tips for surviving an attack by the enemy, and I developed my own prayer list for that week.

I could not wait until this movie opened in theaters a couple of years ago. Since then, I have watched it several times.

If you’re looking for great movies to watch for your home movie night, Pure Flix is an excellent resource. Pure Flix  has an extensive selection of movies for all ages and will give you more options to find wholesome family-friendly content and entertainment. They currently have a free one-month trial, and you can get more info by visiting their website here.

Have you ever had a mom’s movie night in just for yourself? What movie(s) did you watch?


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