A Mom’s Christmas Poem



Twas the week before Christmas, and all on the blog

Are photos of kids, wish lists, and even the dog.

The cards are not addressed, the presents not bought

Mom also has a wish list, but it’s not a lot


Before Christmas Day

I have something I want to say

I don’t want perfume or candy or a jewel

I just want a few things that I think are really cool

No fussing, no fighting, no jealousy, no war

Clean your rooms without whine and for us all will be fine

If you use a cup, wash it; the same goes for a plate

Wash them right away, and do not be too late


I need to tell you this now; it’s important for you to know

Don’t complain about the wifi; it is going to be slow

With a lot of people here that we all love so dear

The photos, the videos, the group texts you see

And no, we aren’t charging the guests a bandwith fee.


I forgot one thing to tell you my sweet teens

We need to filter our mouths and our wardrobe before we are seen

No eyerolling, no cuss words, and don’t wear anything too tight

I don’t want to ruin your dear grandparents’ eyesight


We can survive these two weeks, I’m absolutely sure

We will all act so sweet and really demure

I’m looking forward to this time off with all three of you

I can wait to see all the cool things we will do.


Remember what I said, and hold the rules dear

If you don’t give me what I want this Christmas, you need to have fear.

I don’t ask for much; I’m a simple mom

My goal this year truly is to be calm.








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