A Girl, Her Teaching, and The Bible

This is a sponsored post that includes affiliate links. All opinions are mine (and my daughter’s).

One of the things I enjoy most about being a blogger is that I get to share my family with the world. When the kids were little, it was fun. Know that they are older, it’s still fun and funny, but it’s also heart-warming.

In all of their extra, rebellion, and emotion, they are also amazing. Every day they give me something to be in awe of. Every.single.day.

Especially when one of them is preparing to teach a bible lesson to her church youth group.

In my quest for finding the perfect bible, I’ve used several different ones. I’ve written about my bible quest here and here, and I’m really pleased to say that in this moment, I am currently really happy with the bible I am using.

The day I received a text message about the need for a new bible from one of my lovelies was even more exciting because I love bible shopping. I loved interviewing my precious child to discover what she was looking for in a bible. I wanted to know if she had a preference on the translation, if she wanted a Teen Bible or if she was ready for something more grown up? Should it tackle issues like Apologetics…or did we just want the basics?

I wanted her to have a bible she could be proud of.


I wanted her to outline a lesson and feel prepared when she went to bible study and began teaching.






















I wanted her bible to provide her the truth and value she needed when she had biblical discussions with her mentors.


Friends, we have such a bible. The CSB Study Bible for Women did everything she needed, and more. Before you ask, yes, I tried to use it but my usage of it took a backseat to the lesson she was preparing for her youth group.

Published by B&H Publishers, this bible is one-of-a-kind because it was created for women by women. This bible invites its readers to explore God’s Word, follow His story across the Bible, and study the doctrines all while discussing the significance of biblical womanhood.

According to Tyra, it’s perfect for women of all ages. Except her mom, because it is now clearly all hers! Since we’re on the topic, what’s your favorite bible to use?

For more information or to purchase the about the CSB Study Bible for Women, watch this video or click here.


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